physical courses take place every 2 weeks on Thursday between 16:00 - 19:00

location/venue for next course will be precised at the end of the previous course

however, due to weather conditions or other unpredictable circumstances, it may also be the case that the outdoor session will need to be canceled or special measures (umbrella, rainjacket) will need to

magnifying glass or telescope can also be useful for certain sessions

should the session get canceled, You will be informed about that no later than at noon (12:00) in seminar's asynchronous matrix seminar room

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„Animalia corpora organisata, viva et sentientia, sponteque se moventia“

„Tiere: organisierte Körper, lebend und empfindend, sich spontan bewegend“

„Animals enjoy sensation by means of a living organization, animated by a medullary substance; perception by nerves; and motion by the exertion of the will. They have members for the different purposes of life; organs for their different senses; and faculties (or powers) for the application of their different perceptions. They all originate from an egg. Their external and internal structure; their comparative anatomy, habits, instincts, and various relations to each other, are detailed in authors who professedly treat on their subjects“
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