Old definition: BB is an educational curriculum integrating paradigms of computer-oriented sciences (e.g. informatics, cybernetics, AI etc.) and nature-oriented sciences (e.g. biology, ecology, botanics etc.) into a life-centered didactic package. Instead of being composed of dry indoor frontal teaching lectures, BB seminars mostly take place outdoor, some of them are peripatetic –i.e. walking– and apart from „aesthetic“ and „theoretical“ components always include a „survival“ component.

New definition: Bildung Biodigitale is a seminar cycle which deploys eco-artificial education within University context.

``Ecoartificial education (EAE) integrates those forms of pedagogical and didactic practice where artificially intelligent systems are being deployed for the purpose of increase of Wuman’s knowledge and respect of the surrounding biosphere.''

EAE is about cultivating what Charles Darwin called ``the most noble attribute of man''

Think about history of human art.

Do animals play some role in it ?

Name some examples...

(& let's consult Karel so that he can start showing us his "opinion" on the topic)
The question is: "Should the New Ethics and the Golden Law be extended to encompass non-organic forms of intelligence ?"

(Equivalent question is "Can AI possess at least animal-level sentience ?")

You will be divided into two groups, one is to provide arguments for "yes" answer, the other for the answer "no". When discussing / reasoning about AI - humanity relations, think also about humanity - animal relations.
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