न :: NA :: naive

ल :: LA :: lazy

न :: NA :: narrative

After sorting CSV by date, one observes:

poppy chewers culture emerged in Frica, their site Farwallow being the main hub, after mastery of boat-building technology around 7200 BP expansion both to north (Rabbithole) as well to the east (Bourville) ensues

oldest rabbit skinners settlements were discovered in Youresia (Tertexo-Astumanca-Zava cluster), somewhat newer ones in Orient

rabbit skinner settlement dates cover short time spans (one, max two radio-carbon dated samples for HG), some poppy-chewer settlements cover much longer time spans (oh that splendid longevity of Farwallow, Rabbithole, Bearcall!)

...and thanks for all the fish



Slava Ukrajine

P.S. hopefully see You at next Archaeoriddle workshop
Uploaded the CSV files and started the conversation with the prompt:

"The CSV file contains five columns which will allow us to correctly solve the riddle in computational archaelogy. The first column is name of the archeological site, is kind of arbitrary but will allow us to provide the narrative which will be the solution to the riddle. Second column encodes the longitude data, third column contains the lattitude information. It is the fourth column which is crucial: it contains radiocarbon dates (BP=before present) sampled by the archeologist at the site. Note that one site can refer to multiple samples associated to different times (different samples are separated by the pipe symbol separator "|" in the fourth csv column). Finally, the fifth column contains information whether the site was the farmer (F) or hunter-gatherer (HG) site. Execute reasoning based on the data provide and try to answer the question: were farmers and hunter-gatherers in conflict, or did the F culture assimilate the HG peacefully ?"
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